Friday, April 15, 2011

Auto Rotation Lock on iPhone 4 ( No need to jailbreak your device)

iPhone auto screen rotation is a great feature when you are using safari or texting someone ! However, this turns down to be annoying when most of us are using their phones lying down on their bed !

Hold on, iPhone 4 has this built in feature to lock auto rotation of screen. This is available after iOS4.0 and above. However, iPhone devices which don't support double clicking their home buttons to reveal the multiple apps running at the background won't support this.

Step 1. Double click your iphone Home button to reveal the running apps.

Step 2. Scroll towards the left to find the iPod controls. The leftmost one, is the one!!! Click to to lock your auto rotation.

Once clicked, a small icon is displayed on the menu bar, to let you know that your device is in lock-auto rotation mode.

Cheers !!

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